Connect from Robo 3T to Atlas

A quick recipe to set the connection options in Robo 3T when accessing to an Atlas MongoDB:

1.- Reveal the connection string from Cluster Atlas console (Connect button at your cluster)

Select the “Connect your application” option and a pop-up window will open

Click on Copy button to copy the connection string.

2.- Open a new connection dialog in Robo 3T

3.- Paste the connection string you copied in step 1 into the textbox close to “From SRV” button and don’t press any button

4.- Now, replace the <password> with your actual password for the specified user

5.- Press now “From SRV” button to import the connection string settings. All the configuration parameters will be applied.

6.- Make sure SSL and SSH options are not checked.

7.- Press Test button and check that the connection works

8.- Give a name to your connection and save it