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Estructura tablas (Vías, Pseudovías, Tramos y Unidades Poblacionales) descrita en INE – Productos y Servicios – Callejero Censo Electoral

Codigos Postales España

Talend Open Studio + JRE Error

I’ve just installed TOS 8 on my Windows 10 machine, and after trying to execute it an error appears (I wonder if some day a program running Java not bundled will work at first after being installed):

After installing the latest JDK version, it always throughs the same error.

No matter the times you install/uninstall JDKs, change environment variables, try to launch an inexistent Java Control Panel: always the same error.

The solution
  • Go to Start Button in Windows
  • Locate the TOS Menu
  • Open TOS Menu and right-click on icon launcher
  • Click on More
  • Click on Open File Location
  • Right-Click the Link File and click on Properties
  • Change the Destination folder to the one containing your Java binaries

What is Data Science?

One of the videos that more engaged me to continue and complete Coursera’s IBM Data Science Professional Certificate.
Prof. Murtaza Haider defines Data Science as “one’s attempt to work with data to find answers to questions that they are exploring

After completing a set of courses like those, you will arrive at your work the next day and then you may feel frustrated when noticing that the actual concern is not finding the answers, but making them likable even if they are not accurate and impartial.

In my opinion, before facing a Data Science / BI project you should ask yourself (or your board of directors):

  • Do you know the questions?
  • Do you have good data to work with?
  • Will you assume the answers though you don’t like them? (my fav)